Garages are important spaces for modern homes. They add to a home’s monetary value and also add valuable storage space. But sometimes, that extra storage becomes a burden. Garages are frequently one of the most cluttered areas of most homes.

Whether you are inundated with unused tools, broken deck furniture, or cans of old paint, your garage is full of items you’ll probably never use again. So it’s time to get organized! Here are three simple tips to help you clean out that garage full of junk.

Get As Much Stuff Out of Your Garage as Possible

It’s nearly impossible to sort through the clutter when it’s piled up in corners or squirreled away in stacks of boxes. One of the best ways to begin decluttering your garage is to move items outside, and begin sorting them. This can be backbreaking work, so consider hiring a junk removal service to assist with the process.

Sort, Sort, and Keep Sorting!

As mentioned above, while you move stuff out of your garage, you should begin to sort it. But don’t stop there! Once you have your junk organized into piles to keep or let go, you will need to go through each pile and look at individual items.

What to Keep

When considering what to keep, use this rule of thumb: If you haven’t used it in the past year, it’s time to ditch it.

What to Donate or Sell

When it’s time to decide what to donate or sell, look for items you no longer use, but that are in good condition and would be useful to someone else.

What to Trash

When everything useful has been sorted out, it’s time to look for stuff that might not have a home. Removing this junk from your garage will give you extra space and create a cleaner, safer home environment. We can help with removing items that you no longer have a need for or that you might find harder to dispose of.

Some items that require specific disposal practices are:

  • Major appliances
  • Old TVs
  • Old furniture
  • Cement and bricks
  • Household and automotive chemicals
  • Old paint


Now that you’ve sorted everything out — and lightened your load considerably — it’s time to place your remaining items back in your garage. This is a good opportunity to organize your stuff. Allow easy access to items you frequently use, and consider new shelving or storage bins to help keep your stuff efficiently organized.

Let us help. We make junk removal quick and easy!

Now that you have a plan for cleaning out your garage, it’s time to tackle the process! At Removal Solutions by koik, we can help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with zero hassle. We specialize in junk removal at no cost. Visit us on the web at, or give us a call today at 540-413-8414, and speak with one of our staff. We’ll get rid of your junk and give you back your garage!