Stuff. We have to have it and can’t live without it. Whether it’s that new jacket, or that stair-stepping machine, we’re constantly accumulating stuff! But when is it all too much? How do you know if your stuff is out of control?

That’s a good question. Luckily we have the answer. If you are not sure if your clutter has truly become a problem, we’ve got six ways to tell. Read on to see if any of the following remind you of someone. (Yes, we’re looking at you!)

6 Ways To Tell If You Have Too Much Stuff:

1. You buy stuff to replace what you can’t find

You know the scenario. You need something you know you own, but you can’t find it anywhere. So you go buy a new one. Problem solved. Then, in the next moment, you find the old one. That’s frustrating! If this sounds familiar then you have too much stuff!

2. Your stuff no longer adds value to your life

Stuff makes our lives better. A new sweater is a comfort on a cold night, but how many sweaters do we need? Or steak knives? Or throw pillows. At some point, our stuff stops adding value to our lives and becomes a burden. But instead of disposing of the things we don’t need we hang on to them. Over time this adds up to too much stuff.

3. You can’t move freely around your home

Do you weave through crowded hallways, dodge stacks of stuff on stairways, or shimmy sideways to get into your bathroom? If so, it may be time to face the obvious. If you have so much clutter that it’s hard to comfortably get around in your home — you guessed it — you have too much stuff!

4. Your drawers, cabinets, and closets are bursting

How many times have you cursed at your inability to get a drawer closed? Or opened a closet only to have stuff tumble out on you? Ugh! Many of us have the mindset that all drawers, cabinets, and closets should be filled to the brim, but that’s simply not true. Trust us, it’s okay to have empty drawers and space left in your closets!

5. You can’t pull the trigger on decluttering

We get it. Having stuff around is comforting, and it can be difficult to face the task of decluttering. That’s where we come in. Removal Solutions by koik specializes in getting rid of your junk fast. If clutter has taken over your home, it’s time to let us get rid of it!

6. Your home is losing usable space

If you have lost the use of at least one room because it’s full of clutter, you know what we’re gonna say. Is your dining room table too cluttered to eat at? Have you lost countertop space in your kitchen? Do you have piles of stuff in every corner? If you answered “yes” to any of these, it’s time to call in the junk removal professionals.

Let us help. We’re really good at it!

Facing rooms full of clutter can be overwhelming, but Removal Solutions by koik can help! We’ll get rid of your junk fast. We actively donate, repurpose and recycle items we remove, so let us lend a hand. Visit our website —, or call us at 540-413-8414. We’ll get rid of your junk and give you back your life!