Decluttering your home and letting go of personal possessions is hard. Thanks to our ability to procrastinate, it’s easy to hang on to items we no longer need in our lives. But there is good news. It is possible to overcome the emotional obstacles that keep you tackling your clutter head-on. The first step to letting go is understanding the feelings that are driving you to keep certain items.

Here are a few ideas that will help you cope with your emotions and find the motivation you need to let stuff go once and for all.

Emotional Bonds With our Stuff is Completely Normal

We can’t help it—we get sentimental over things. The stuff we own reminds us of a vacation, a missed relative, or a happy time from our past. This makes parting with these items feel like we’re throwing away a piece of who we are. But ask yourself this: Will you still have the wonderful memory without the item attached to it. If the answer is “Yes,” perhaps it’s time to let that item go.

Get Rid of the Easy Stuff First

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of decluttering your home, try choosing a few items that are easier to part with than others. Go through your home and select items you simply don’t care about. Kitchen gadgets that sit unused on your countertops, knick-knacks in your living room, or items you haven’t unboxed in years are great places to start. By starting with unimportant items first, you’ll be more willing to tackle sentimental items later on.

Guilt is Part of the Process, But it Will Pass

It’s a well-known fact that guilt plays a huge role in our reluctance to declutter. We feel especially guilty about getting rid of something given to us by someone we love. But remember the person who gave you the item will still love you, whether you keep that item or not. It’s the person and your feelings for them that matter—not a material possession. So instead of sticking that item in a box in your garage where it will collect dust forever, simply let it go.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel I can emotionally handle decluttering my home?
  • Will I have trouble parting with my stuff even though I no longer need it?
  • Am I feeling overwhelmed and can’t decide where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of these, it might be a good idea to consult a professional to assist you with the decluttering process. At koik, we’ll help you get rid of the stuff that becomes overwhelming. We’ll make the removal process hassle-free and as guilt-free as possible. Give us a call today at 540-413-8414, and speak with one of our staff. We’ll help you declutter your life!