A cluttered home is more than just an inconvenience. It is also a major cause of stress. If chronic stress is an issue for you, then the first thing you should check is the amount of clutter in your home. If you have all sorts of junk filling up your house, this could be the reason you’re having such a hard time relaxing. There are a number of reasons excess stuff tends to stress us out, and a little research makes it obvious why clearer hallways might be the secret pathway to a clearer mind.

Distracting Excess Stimuli

Humans are, by nature, susceptible to overstimulation. Our brains developed to take in everything around us, keeping our eyes peeled and our ears pricked for potential danger. When we’re in our homes, of course, we should not subject ourselves to this kind of hyper-sensitive sensorial intake. If your house is cluttered, then you’re constantly seeing, smelling, and touching more than your mind should have to handle in a state of rest. Your mind is essentially asked to remain in overdrive, and this proves taxing over time.

You’ll also find you’re easily distracted in a cluttered home. Everywhere you look, there’s something filling your visual space. This does not make an ideal environment for a tranquil mind.

A Nagging Sense of Guilt

Almost all of us, at the bottom of our hearts, feel social pressure to maintain a respectable home. If your house is full of clutter, you’re likely to feel a sense of guilt or even shame every time a neighbor unexpectedly drops by. Eventually, you might even start hoping that nobody comes to your place at all. This, of course, is an unnatural and harmful desire, as we’re social animals by nature and should look forward to human interaction in our homes.

Difficulty Relaxing

One of the best things about a home is that it gives you a place to relax. After a long day of doing whatever it is you do, you should be able to hang around the house and unwind. These essential stretches of leisure time become impossible if you are constantly worried about the mountains of junk piled around you. You’ll feel like you’re leaving a job undone, and that sense of nagging incompleteness will haunt you when you most need to relax.

A cluttered house really does lead to a cluttered mind. If your messy house has got you feeling stressed, then it’s in your hands to do something about the problem so that you start to feel better. Check out our website and contact us today. We can help get the clutter out of your home. Not only will your house be emptier after we’re done, but your head will feel clearer and ready to fill up with the things that really matter.