Time is money! We understand how realtors are stretched thin in their day to day operations. The more time you spend helping clients prepare their home to list, the less time you have to service existing clients or working on your pipeline. This is where Removal Solutions from Koik can help!

Who We Are

We specialize in relieving the burden of too much clutter in the form of unneeded and unwanted goods on your premises. We do this rapidly and efficiently within any number of spaces.

What We Do

You get fast-paced, full-service removal of household goods on the premises. Reduce unwanted clutter, junk, furniture, abandoned goods, and waste.

The Best Part

Because of our mission is to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reintegrate, Repurpose, and Reclaim, it may not cost you a cent. That’s right. Every situation is different but, in most cases, YOU pay nothing.

As a Busy Realtor, Let Us Do the Work

  • If your listing clients are slow on clearing junk in preparation for listing photos.
  • Offer to have it done as a value-added service, they will thank you! Most folks who are in the process of moving are already stressed out. We can help you make their experience better!
  • Do you have a closing pending and previous owners abandoned property or left junk?
  • Have your clients call us and we can get their new home ready by removing unwanted goods from the property. No stress and no potential embarrassment with new owners!
  • Do you have an REO listing or foreclosed property that needs to be prepped for listing?
  • In most cases, banks and lien holders welcome the opportunity to have unwanted objects removed from the premises. Have them call us to save money and we’ll do the work!

Real estate is demanding and competitive. Let us take care of at least one more thing on your ‘to-do’ list. With Removal Solutions from Koik, you can rest assured that the job will be done quickly, professionally, and responsibly. Our passion is reclaiming secondhand household goods and doing our part the keep the earth healthy. Call us now or get a quote online!